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The Agile Mindset

Doing agile is one thing. The real challenge of the agile transformation lies in being agile. As a person and as a team, but even more so as management and as an entire organization.

Adopting an agile mindset means that you need to understand and commit to become a learning organization and help your teams become learning teams. Managers need to become servant leaders, be authentic and empathic, adopt a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset, and need to help their teams and organization adopt an agile mindset.

That is quite a handful…

How to lead the way

An agile transformation is a journey, of many small steps. You, the team(s) you belong to and the teams you are leading have already started on the road. It often turns out that you are not all traveling at the same speed, not quite in the same direction, meet unexpected obstacles, though.

And that is the intention of this training. Learn to set common goals and align your organization and the different roles around it. Adopt a common vocabulary and way of thinking. Align not just practices, but also the mindset. We propose simple models and ideas that guide you through the transformation and that will help you achieve the necessary skills, for you, for your teams and for the entire organization.

The training also gives you a glance at what skills and insights other roles in the organization need to achieve: the scrum masters, team leads, agile coaches, product owners… They all need to contribute to the agile mindset, help the teams in their transformation, learn to extend the agile mindset and empathize with the customer.

To create great teams that build great products.

Who can benefit from this training?

The training is intended for managers involved in an agile transformation, starting out or already well under way. You may be responsible for the transformation, belong to the leading coalition or just a manager interested in what impact the agile transformation has for you. You want to learn what needs to be done in the transformation, start on the right foot and keep the momentum going. You may want to take colleague leads with you, or chapter leads, product owners, senior scrum masters, so you can find out together what each can use in their role and what other training or support they may need.


The training is remote, as long as COVID measures require. This provides an additional training objective: how to use modern tools such as Miro and Zoom to help your teams become more performant and you become an effective coaching manager, remotely.

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