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Special offer, on request of our participants of the international conference Agile20 Reflect Festival. 



What’s in it?

In two times a four hour session, we will bring a diversity of workshops and topics with in-depth insights. Everything you learn will be hands-on applicable, as you experienced during the Festival in our sessions on SAFe City, TeamLearning and Organisation Learning.


Which topics?

Thu 04/03/2021 15h-19h:

·        How do I help my team estimate and prioritize in an energized way? A session on relative estimation and hands-on prioritization techniques.

·        How do I make my retrospectives matter? Here, we look at the structuring a retrospective to engage your team in the improvement process. Your team won’t want to stop improving.


Mon 08/03/2021 15h-19h:

·        How do I deal with the dysfunctions of my team, keeping them from performing at their best? This session will bring insights from Lencioni’s book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” to life, creating a high-performance team.

·        How do I motivate people and accomplish change in the organization without the use of power or money? This session will bring insights from the book “Switch – Change when Change is Hard” to life. The exercise you learn is great for management teams.

At which price?

·        150 EUR per session

·         250€ if you subscribe for both sessions (Subscription price of 100€ for 2nd session)

·        If you consider the session worth this price, but money or your organization’s budget process is an issue, please let us know (kdeboeck@adjugo.com).


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From 04/03/2021 15:00
To 04/03/2021 19:00


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