Agile: Transition and Transformations

From Agile to Scaled Agile to Business Agility to a Teal Organisation

Proposed by Royal Bank of Canada

In the young history of Agile, we can identify three different stages of implementation. In the first stage the intention was to build better software with an agile team. In the second stage new approaches evolved to scale this to multiple teams and in the third stage, approaches like Lean Startup and Design Thinking have been added on the product development side. I will talk about this evolution, the challenges of each stage and the concept of the Teal Organisation as a potential next stage.

Lars Wagner

I am an Agile Coach, SAFe Program Consultant, Change Agent, Trainer and Coach, with a broad background and experience in IT, business, management, communications, projects, leadership, coaching, people development and software development. I can help your organisation to become agile and improve.

Practical Info

10/05/2017 13:45
30 minutes