Training SAFe 5.0 Agile Product Management Brussels (in English)

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Learn how to develop great products !
SAFe allows us to develop great products in one continuous flow

The Agile Product Management course allows you to discover the right mindset, skills, and tools you need to create successful products and solutions using Agile techniques. Learn how to use Design Thinking to create products and solutions that are:

  • Desirable – what customers want
  • Viable – profitable for you to build and sell
  • Feasible – something you can realistically deliver
  • Sustainable – something you can proactively manage to realize ROI

Attendees will recognize how Continuous Exploration fuels innovation and helps you define a vision, strategy, and roadmap to tap into new markets. Find out how to accelerate the product lifecycle to get fast feedback and quickly deliver exceptional products and solutions that delight customers – all while aligning with your organization’s strategy, portfolio, evolving architecture, and solution intent.

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SAFe Agile Product Management

Attendees typically include product managers and product owners, business analysts and business consultants.


  • Analyzing Your Role as a PM in the Lean Enterprise
  • Continuously Exploring Markets and Users
  • Driving Strategy with Market Segmentation


  • Using Empathy to Drive Design
  • Defining Product Strategy and Vision
  • Creating Roadmaps to Build Solutions

    DAY 3

  • Delivering Value
  • Managing Value Stream Economics
  • Creating Innovation in the Value Stream

More about the APSM course.

Certification Included

  • SAFe 5.0 Agile Product management certification exam administration and scoring (valued at 495 $)
  • Online course feedback survey
  • Those attendees who pass the exam will receive Scaled Agile membership for one year, access to the private SA member area, downloads, and invitations to special events.
  • More about SA certification
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Your trainer

Chris Verlinden has been one of the agile pioneers in Belgium, running major XP projects as early as 2004. He is one of the founders of ADJUGO and its present CEO. Chris is Certified SAFe Program Consultant for SAFe 4.6, as well as SAFe 4.6 Advanced Scrum Master (Instructor), SAFe 4.6 Product Manager/Product Owner (Instructor) adn SAFe DevOps Instructor.

"I have always wanted to see a solution that would enable larger companies to enjoy the benefits of agile working. The SAFe framework provides such a solution and does the job.

Not just for large organisations, though. Medium sized organisations can benefit a lot from the SAFe approach..."


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Hoogstraat 32 bus 5
9260 Schellebelle
+32 (0)474 891 705


From 17/06/2020 09:00
To 19/06/2020 17:00


+32 (0)474 891 705

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