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Some Lean Biology

How animals select food and how business needs to prioritize features

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
September 2018   166 views

If things do not turn out as expected

Adventures of an agile coach, and many thanks to my coach

Adjugo, Karen De Boeck
August 2018   302 views

Motivation and Team Work

Working in a well-functioning team makes us happier.

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
June 2018   453 views

What has come over Peter ?

Making change happen the lean-agile way

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
May 2018   394 views

On the biology of agility

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
May 2018   439 views

Lean-agile Portfolio Management

Comparing prioritization in waterfall, agile and lean-agile

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
March 2018   791 views

Prioritization in Lean-Agile

Focus on Cost of Delay rather than Business Value

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
March 2018   494 views

Scrum, Kanban and the creation of value

Choose Scrum or Kanban, depending on the way you create value

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
March 2018   573 views

On wolves and teal

The next stage of human consciousness or going back to our genetic roots?

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
June 2017   1177 views

Productivity of Pair programming

Some myths debunked?

Adjugo, Chris Verlinden
April 2015   3336 views